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Groovitude Dance



Email either of us to receive the weekly choreography schedule : or

Dance Classes

      Groovitude Dance offers various dance recreational classes for anyone who wants to learn how to dance. We hold our dance lessons at the Cubberley Community Center 4000 Middlefield Rd. ROOM L-3 Palo Alto, California.

Weekly Dance Schedule 

      We have LIVE and   ZOOM CLASSES (indicated below):

LEVEL 1 - best place to start  or beginners

LEVEL 2 - Choreography is taught a bit faster or in a shorter time frame

LEVEL 3 - Class structure is a bit more challenging


  • 10-11am JAZZ  (level 2) Meeting ID: 899 9131 5210 Password: 045963  LIVE & Zoom 
  •  11:30-12:30 TAP (level 2) Meeting ID: 258 360 099 PASSWORD:042984 LIVE  & Zoom
  • 12:45 -1:35pm TAP (level 1)  *LIVE only


  • 10-11am HIP HOP (level 2) Meeting ID: 829 3478 5645 Password: 323381   LIVE & Zoom
  • 11:15-12:15pm Global Groove (level 1)  * We alternate jazz. swing, latin and hip hop choreography. *LIVE only
  • 12:30-1:30pm TAP (Level 3)  Meeting ID: 465 092 361 PASSWORD:196982 LIVE & Zoom


  •  10-11:15am Lyrical/Contemporary (level 2) Meeting ID:  816 7839. 5361 Password: 409114  Live & Zoom


  • 9-9:55am  Lyrical/ Contemporary (level 2) Live only
  • 10-11am HIP HOP (level 2) Meeting ID: 829 3478 5645 Password: 323381 Live & Zoom
  •  11:15-12:15pm  Global Groove (level 1) * We alternate jazz, swing, latin & hip hop Meeting ID: 867 1073 2245 Passcode: 843322  Live & Zoom * 

12:30-1:30pm TAP (Level  3) Meeting ID: 465 092 361 PASSWORD:196982 Live & Zoom 


  •  10:00am JAZZ (level 2)  Meeting ID: 899 9131 5210 Password: 045963 Live & Zoom
  •  11:30-12:30 TAP (level 2) Meeting ID: 258 360 099 Password: 042984 Live & Zoom
  • 7-8pm  HIP HOP (level 2) Live only 


  • 9-10am  HIP HOP (level 2)  Meeting ID: 842 806 028 PASSWORD:016898 Live & Zoom 
  • 1:15-2;15pm  THEATER JAZZ (level 1)  Live only 


  • 9-10am  HIP HOP  (level 1) Meeting ID: 320 611 379 PASSWORD: 067218 Live & Zoom
  • Noon-1:15  Lyrical PERFORMANCE CLASS January 28 - March 17th SHOWCASE March 23rd 2024


DROP IN FEE is $25
5 class card $110
10 class care $220
Our monthly recurring subscription is $95 and it allots you 5 classes plus locks you into the $19 per class rate. 

We can take your payment in the studio.  We do not offer refunds


Adult Class Descriptions (Ages 16 and Up)

 Beginner JAZZ and HIP HOP

What to expect in this class:

Full body warm up: Learn the basic steps to jazz & hip hop, musicality, technique, grace & style while learning a fun choreography.

These classes are intended to complement each other TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS...practice, practice...practice...!!

The more you come the more it will improve your level of fitness, strength, neural connections for movement, and finesse on the dance floor


This dance class offers a mixture of contemporary, jazz, and modern dance. In this class, the lyrics or melody drive the choreography. Lisa creates a warm environment for learning and expressing through choreography. This is a level 3 class in our recreational schedule (* due to technique based warmup, across the floor and pace the choreography is taught)


Class Breakdown:

  • 30 minutes: Pilates-based warm up (plies, center/balance work)
  • 10 minutes: Techniques across the floor
  • 30 minutes: Stylized choreography
  • 5 minutes: Cool down


This style ranges from Fosse and Ella Fitzgerald to swing and jazz funk. Full body movement workout and jazz training in  the 35 minute set warm up. Choreography is broken down at advanced beginner level


Class Breakdown:

  • 35 minutes: Dynamic warm up with center work
  • 25 minutes: Stylized choreography
  • 5 minutes  cool down

Tap Dance

Learn the art of tap dancing, with styles ranging from musical theater to funky tap and everything in between.:

We have three levels (*please choose the best level for you)

TAP 0: This is where to start your dancing: Learn the fundamentals, rhythm,, musicality and how to do the basic steps for tap dance.

TAP 1: This class takes  the basics to the next level and more challenging choreography

TAP 2: This is class focuses your tap skills w/ articulation, speed  and finesse & choreography is more advanced

Class Breakdown:

  • 10–15 minutes: Warm up
  • 15 minutes: Techniques across the floor and short technique combo
  • 25 minutes: Stylized choreography

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes range from energetic and strong to smooth and fluid. Mandy and Lisa each brings their own fun and funky flavor to our Hip Hop classes. We have 2 levels  beginner and intermediate


Class Breakdown:

  • 15–20 minutes: Warm up
  • 35–40 minutes: Stylized choreography
  • 5 minutes: Cool down

                                           HEAL:Mindful Core​

The mindset for this class is a space of going within our bodies and noticing. We move mindfully from there. This is where we explore the body, listen to how it feels and enjoy new ways of how to move it.

This class is a must to amplify your dancing, your fitness, your posture, your core, your life. You will leave this class taller, longer, lighter and feeling more open, centered and amazingly free in your skin.

For this class You will need:


-hand towel or leg warmer

-Yoga mat

-a long strong bar ( ie: end of a broom, golf club, flag pole or pinata stick) * the heavier the better

-3 lb. weights (*No heavier than 5lb)

- Ball ( ideally a softball, tennis ball or lacrosse ball)

* I bring all my studies to one class: Pilates, GST, A.R.T, Balance Work, Energy medicine and of course love❤️


I started taking Lisa's Mindful Core class, to help in building "muscle memory" for core alignment and strength in my (newfound) everyday life and activities, primarily in front of a screen. As a result, I've discovered that I'm naturally aligning myself when at my desk, walking the dog and happily/most notably in dance class (primarily a tapper, due to hip issues)! I have "caught" myself correcting my posture and positions "automatically" which has considerably decreased pain and increased range of motion. I can't thank Lisa enough! - Martha L.

The Mindful Core class challenges me to focus on incorporating the strength and balance that is so important in dance. With her broad background in pilates, dance and other disciplines, Lisa is able to quickly define sets of exercises to address each area that we want to work on, as well as always including work on core and posture to help us achieve strength and balance. It's a very engaging hour and has helped my body stability in Lisa's jazz and lyrical dance classes as well as in my everyday life. -Mara Rocaforte




Kids – Teens

Creative Dance Choreography

Ages 9 and Up

This class is a nice transition into the teen/adult classes we teach. It is also designed in a similar fashion. There is warming up, stretching, focusing on basic movement techniques, and learning choreography.

Dancers will work together in creating one main choreography piece that they will perform in their November and March showcases. Costumes will be simple and likely something that the participants already own.

This class is intended to be fun, joyful, and supportive of creative self-expression.



One-on-One and Duets

Dance, Pilates, and GST private lessons with Lisa Navarro or Mandy Bell

  • $50 – 30 minutes/person
  • $70 – 45 minutes/person
  • $90 – 60 minutes/person
  • $100 – 60 minutes for duets ($50 each)

Group Private Dance Class

$300 – 90 minutes (studio)

Additional rates depend on the number of rehearsals.

Groovitude Dance Price List

Groovitude in Studio Dance Class Fees:

Regular Class Drop-In: $22

Monthly Memberships Available for a discounted rate

Introductory Promotion – I’m New and Want to Try Everything

30 days unlimited classes: $100

This includes any or all GROOVITUDE classes and begins on the first class taken.

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